Life as a CTM student: Profiling WeonJung Hong

WeonJung Hong

- Research assistant in Boston Consulting Group

- Corporate strategy intern in the Walt Disney Korea

- Global Asia operating division intern in LOEN Entertainment

- 2016 OECD English Essay Writing Competition Award in Korea

- OCED forum participation in France

- Samsonite American Tourister model

- Former member of Street dance club, Harie

- Former delegate of YMUN

- Former member of Global Intelligence(국인)

- Intern in Yonsei Graduate School of Information

Hong WeonJung, a straight-A student received her second full scholarship in Underwood University when she is taking double majors in Business Administrations. She is currently working as the Residential Assistant (RA) in Allen House and the Teaching Assistant (TA) in UIC classes. Weon Jung’s dream is to become Strategic Business Consultant and she determined not waste her time to achieve it. Her motto is to work three times harder than the others. Although her life is filled with astonishing establishments, she said that she had experienced lots of failures just like the others, but she did not stop following her dream because of few drawbacks, she grabbed the fall-down as the opportunity to take the next best step in her life.

     “I chose CTM as my major because I believed that CTM has strong identity than the others. The students knew what they were being taught and the professors taught their students with enthusiasm. CTM is similar to Business Administration, only difference is that CTM is learning about ever-growing IT as well. My dream is to become Strategic Business Consultant and I never gave a second thought on taking other majors than CTM, even before entering UIC. I am double-majoring in Business Administrations because I wanted to study courses that CTM doesn’t offer but does in the School of Business.”

“You cannot become successful if you work and study equal to others…”

“I have been asked so many questions from Freshmen and Sophomores about dreams, paths, and grades. Even if I guide them what to do, they come up with other worries about their lives. I think that is very normal and obvious in that period of time and they should keep worrying about their lives, thinking what to do next after one is completed. They should know what they are good at and what they are not. I, myself, am horrible at math and statistics, and I know that because unlike everybody, I still calculate simple math by writing down in the notebook. The students should know about the majors they are taking. Professors are not the answer for our lives. There are many students who dislike the professors and think that they don’t teach well. But the truth is that the professors are the ones who focused on studying one particular area, not in teaching freshmen. I wanted to study finance but I not only listened to the lectures in Yonsei, but I studied on my own, outside the lecture materials. I believe that in order to become successful, students must know their abilities and opportunities and spend a lot of time in enhancing their talents. If you spend equal time in studying and working like the others, you just become normal, but if you want to be successful, you must spend three times more than the others.”

“Universities don’t teach everything.”

From the experience of various companies, I realized that time should be spent to meet new people, work at different places to find what “fits” me, study what I want, analyze dream company’s requirement for recruits. Even now, I am applying for other companies, to experience something new.

“I will not waste a single moment in the most precious time of my life.”


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