CTM's New Professor

Professor Keeheon Lee recently joined the CTM faculty in the fall of 2016. Before coming to Yonsei University, Professor Lee majored in four different areas that dealt with strategic management, scientometrics, data science, and business intelligence. The area of studies that he is most knowledgeable in is Scientometrics. He took his first step into this field with “diffusion”. He interpreted the diffusions of many different phenomena such as ideas, innovation, and products and created simulations for further analysis. This led him to see the importance of analyzing science and technology, and started researching in Scientometrics. He worked as a data scientist who analyzed science and technology, and proposed political or strategic methods to lead current technology to the right path. The process of collecting and analyzing data helped him as a researcher in KAIST, as he investigated and analyzed the relationships between companies. Professor Lee is currently teaching two courses, IT Foundation and Social Network Analysis, in CTM.

We interviewed Professor Lee to get a better idea of his thoughts on CTM.


Q) Could you briefly explain the courses that you are teaching?

IT foundation, this year, focuses on computers, such as how to operate computers and how to communicate with computers using a programming language, Python. Machine Learning is also receiving a lot of close attention these days; thus, students will be learning the foundations of machine learning and how to execute machine learning using Python. Through this course, I hope students can feel closer to computers and learn that computers can perform much more than they’ve ever imagined.

Social Network Analysis introduces students to network science and the methods for analyzing social network. It enables students to apply network analysis in real life problems, such as using the analysis for business related issues.


Q) What is CTM to you?

The business world today requires people to understand IT and know how to use it to solve business problems objectively. I think CTM is doing exactly what it should do to fulfill those requirements. CTM enables students to understand technology, and apply it in real life situations.


Q) How can you expertise help CTM students?

My expertise is in “technology” in Creative Technology Management; it will definitely help students develop the ability to utilize technology. Decision making, based on data analysis, will especially be focused on, because I think it is the extremely necessary skill to have. I also want to try analyzing sensor data from Arduino and drones if I can.


Q) What can CTM do to gain more competitiveness?

For the major itself, I wish there were more courses related to data analysis and also IT – courses that give students more opportunities to apply IT in business situations, such as Business Programming and Business Intelligence. And of course, in order to carry this out, we need more faculty members who can teach more courses to create a systematic curriculum leading from freshman to senior.

As for students, I really want them to be more active. This could apply in any situation, like coming to ask me questions if they don’t understand something, or being actively engaged in extracurricular activities.


Q) Any last comment?

I want the students to keep in mind that they are what they make of themselves. Just because you follow the system, the curriculum of a prestigious school will not make you “prestigious”. You have to live up to your own reputation – think more, do more, and create your own paths; be someone that adds to Yonsei’s prestige.

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