CTM students Bae and Lee judge Chadwick competition

November 17, 2016

During the Winter 2016 semester, Chadwick International School approached CTM at Yonsei UIC for help with judging their junior high competition.  The competition required Chadwick student teams to design a monument for a hypothetical location in Songdo Central Park.  Students were expected to draft and create designs in Tinkercad, and produce 3D printed models.

On November 16, CTM students Ahyeong Bae and Minji Lee, along with a few other judges from industry, walked around the design expo to score all the projects along three categories: concept, aesthetics, and uniqueness.

While a variety of prizes were given out to the students, Bae and Lee provided two of the 5 votes on the biggest prize of the night: Most Innovative Monument.  The winning Chadwick student team was Transluticius, which created a monument based on 2 puzzle pieces: one depicting the South Korean flag, and the other depicting the North Korea flag.

The left picture shows the event poster, and the right picture shows the judges immediately following their deliberation (from l to r: Chihmao Hsieh (CTM chair), Ahyeong Bae, Minji Lee, and Rosanna Luzarraga (Chadwick math teacher and competition coordinator)).

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