Frequently Asked Questions


What is CTM?

Creative Technology Management is a major that helps students acquire an integrated knowledge of IT and management. Its courses consist of three major modules that bridge IT, creative industries and management disciplines. Students begin by learning the basics of information systems management, and how enterprises manage big data and database management technology. Together with knowledge about IT, students also learn entrepreneurship to understand how managers implement business strategies for better competitive performance in industries.

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How can I apply to CTM?

A Freshmen in UIC(HASSF-undecided) can declare their major as CTM as they enter their 2nd year.
Please visit the UIC homepage for detailed information.

What do you learn in CTM?

CTM students would acquire broad knowledge in the fields of management, technology and entrepreneurship. Please check the Education section in the site map for detailed lists of courses and programs.

Where is the campus?

Yonsei University is based on two locations: Sinchon Main Campus (Sinchon, Seoul) and Yonsei International Campus (Songdo, Incheon). Students may enroll in CTM's major courses offered in both Sinchon and International campuses.

What is the major aim of the CTM program?

The CTM track seeks to provide students the undergraduate education for technology management professionals. Students will be trained as the new generation of IT entrepreneurs and managers equipped with creative thinking skills, broad understanding of IT, and managerial ability by following the track.
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How much is the tuition fee?

Please visit for detailed information on UIC's current tuition fee.

I would like to know more about the CTM faculty members.

CTM's faculty members are affiliated with the following departments here at Yonsei University: Graduate School of Information, Department of Computer Science from the College of Engineering, and Graduate School of International Studies. They will provide necessary skills to cover the CTM courses.
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What is the requirement for CTM students?

Major: Students admitted in 2013 and thereafter must take 45 credits from Creative Technology Management major courses including the following seven major requisites (21 credits): Introduction to Management, IT Foundation, Introduction to Information Systems Management, Technovation, Leadership Seminars in Techno-Art Entrepreneurship, Techno-Art Capstone Project (6 credits).
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What is the requirement for double major, minor CTM students?.

Double Major: 36 credit-hours are required. Double majors must complete the following five required courses (18 credits): Introduction to Management, IT Foundation, Introduction to Information Systems Management, Technovation, and Techno-Art Capstone Project (6 credits).
Minor: 18 credit-hours are required including the following three required courses (9 credits): Introduction to Management, Introduction to Information Systems Management, Technovation.

Where can I find the course descriptions and and curriculum chart?


Can we take Chapel in Sinchon campus?

Freshman should take chapel in Songdo. From sophomore, students can take English Chapel in Sinchon campus on Wednesday.

Can we take courses in Sinchon campus?

Yes. All UIC students can take common curriculum courses in Sinchon campus from Sophomore. Currently, there are two ME courses available in Sinchon Campus (DBS and UDS). We expect more CTM courses to be opened for students in Sinchon Campus.

Are there any events for CTM students?

We hold CTM dinner every semester and CTM MT in every 2nd Semesters. Also we hold CTM major briefing session every year to give information about CTM to prospective students. We are planning to make more annual events for CTM students.